PH8251 Materials Science Syllabus Notes Question Papers Anna University

PH8251 Materials Science Syllabus Notes Question Papers Question Bank with answers - Anna University 2nd Semester Study materials

Download Regulation 2017 PH8251 Materials Science Syllabus Notes Question bank Question papers-  regulation 2017 2nd Semester

PH8251 Materials Science study materials for all 5 unit Syllabus Notes, question banks, 2 marks with answers (Part A), 15 marks questions (Part B & Part C), Previous year question papers, model question papers in pdf format have been provided.

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PH8251 Materials Science  Syllabus | PH8251 Syllabus

Solid solutions - Hume Rothery's rules – the phase rule - single component system - one-component system of iron - binary phase diagrams - isomorphous systems - the tie-line rule - the lever rule - application to isomorphous system - eutectic phase diagram - peritectic phase diagram - other invariant reactions – free energy composition curves for binary systems - microstructural change during cooling.

The iron-carbon equilibrium diagram - phases, invariant reactions - micro structure of slowly cooled steels - eutectoid steel, hypo and hyper eutectoid steels - effect of alloying elements on the Fe- C system - diffusion in solids - Fick's laws - phase transformations - T-T-T-diagram for eutectoid steel – pearlitic, baintic and martensitic transformations - tempering of martensite – steels – stainless steels – cast irons.

Tensile test - plastic deformation mechanisms - slip and twinning - role of dislocations in slip - strengthening methods - strain hardening - refinement of the grain size - solid solution strengthening - precipitation hardening - creep resistance - creep curves - mechanisms of creep - creep-resistant materials - fracture - the Griffith criterion - critical stress intensity factor and its determination - fatigue failure - fatigue tests - methods of increasing fatigue life - hardness - Rockwell and Brinell hardness - Knoop and Vickers micro hardness.

Ferromagnetism – domain theory – types of energy – hysteresis – hard and soft magnetic materials – ferrites - dielectric materials – types of polarization – Langevin-Debye equation – frequency effects on polarization - dielectric breakdown – insulating materials – Ferroelectric materials - superconducting materials and their properties.

Ceramics – types and applications – composites: classification, role of matrix and reinforcement, processing of fiber reinforced plastics – metallic glasses: types , glass forming ability of alloys, melt spinning process, applications - shape memory alloys:  phases, shape memory effect, pseudo elastic effect, NiTi alloy, applications – nano materials: preparation (bottom up and top down approaches), properties and applications – carbon nano tubes: types.

PH8251 Materials Science study materials

Download PH8251 Materials Science Syllabus Notes Question Papers Question bank
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